French is a truly iconic and charming language and is spoken by around 200 million people. It is one of the official EU languages and France has an important economic situation. It is therefore quite clear why a knowledge of this fantastic language could be really useful. It can also be very seductive and a great tool for appearing instantly more cultured and well traveled. But so many of us think this is too much effort to make to learn French, and that learning French online is a cheap gimmick. Let’s explore this point in more detail:

Learning French online can be a really enjoyable experience and we all know that the things we stick at are the things we enjoy. We are more likely to keep playing a sport that we like or stick with a nice job, so why think languages are any different? If you choose a really boring way to learn, such as a textbook, then failure isn’t too surprising. (By the way, ‘surprise’ comes from the French ‘surprendre’ – we get a lot of words from the French.)

If you decide to log on and learn, then the term ‘learning French online’ could soon be returning a good number of results. You will notice a strong feeling of engagement and you will be much more inclined to log on again and again until you are fluent. This “little and often used” approach is the most effective way by far and you will gain so much more with this method. It keeps you learning bit by bit whilst ensuring you retain the skills you are learning. Another good point to this is that you will never get bored of it as you won’t have to spend so long each time.

Learning French online is not a cheap alternative and the programs/software are really quite advanced. They are designed by experts to ensure they are as effective and natural as possible. This means you will learn quickly and retain what you are learning.

These programs are also highly interactive. This enables you to produce the French language for yourself rather than just reading or listening to it. This makes learning French online so much more fun and enjoyable for all who take part. If you cannot produce what you learned then making it in the real French speaking world will not be possible. These courses retain a sense of relevancy and are not feeding you the irrelevant French that isn’t actually spoken anywhere in the world except that silly little textbook. You need an authentic experience to learn authentic French.

As daft as it may sound, learning French online is a fantastic idea and can have you fluent in less time than any other method. It is interactive, interesting and most of all, modern. You’re wasting your time with that textbook and it’s best left on the shelf (the one in the book store if you want to keep your money).