Ram Skank

RamSkank is a 24 year old from London who loves to collect old records and old music hardware which he then uses to create his own tracks. Ramskank usually likes to blend all sorts of sounds and styles together to create the beloved Big Beat sound from the 90’s.

With this he has already had success on BigM Productions with a handful of singles, (one of which reached the number 1 spot in the junodownload downtempo singles chart) ,eps and 2 albums, (which both reached within the top 10 in the junodownload breakbeat album chart). RamSkank also has an upcoming album on PigBalls Records with which he is hoping to achieve similar success!

Along the way RamSkank has also completed many projects with other artists including collaborations with Rory Hoy, Sonic Tramp , Tosses & Varvez and LaMeduza. He has also done a lot of remix work for artists along the way too, such as Mick & Marc, Below Bangkok, Tosses & Varvez, Rory Hoy, PulpFusion, Steppin’ Tones and Sonic Tramp.

Now RamSkank finds himself arriving at Mu:Sick Recordings with a new twist on the music, he has been spending a lot of time working on some good ol’ fashioned old skool 4 to the floor vibes!! Altogether this House album titled “RamSkank’s House” has 10 tracks ranging from funky groovers, to 4/4 ravey sliders, happy feel good bouncers and right back down to straight up full on stompers!

RamSkank’s plans for the future are to continue working on his passion for making BigBeat styled projects but also has in mind to make time for some more work on the housey side of things. He also aims to continue to work with the labels he loves and who have been of great support to him such as BigM Productions and PigBalls Records, but also aims to now become a future member of the Mu:Sick Recordings family who he hopes to supply with more beats again very soon!

*[RamSkankRecords @ facebook]

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RamSkank for MuSick

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