Major Mat

It’s all about the tune! As a collector and consumer of all types of music, Major Mat was always hunting for nice sounding tunes. At first his musical horizon was defined by the vinyl collection of his parents. So he listened to loads of 60′s and 70′s stuff when he was a kid. Growing up, he took guitar lessons and expanded his interests in music. Still listening to a lot of oldies, Major Mat was now collecting music of all different genres and periods, except electronic music. Having a preference for hip hop and raggae music he soon got into the drum n bass scene.

The first contact to the world of electronic music. That was one of the big turning points
in his musical life. He started collecting loops and samples and began creating his own music.

Gathering experience in creating beats and cutting samples he banged into a big beat dj set
performed by “A Strange Guy Mochocho” at the web. Listening to this tunes tipped the scales.
He started collecting loads of big beat vinyls and got into djing. In addition he got better
in creating music, mostly big beat at this time.
Today Major Mat has developed his own style. The Productions range from hip hop to big beat
even to drum n bass. But in any case it’s one of those hunted nice sounding tunes bulked up with a
fat beat and smooth synths polished with further wicked sounds and samples.

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Major Mat

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