Growing up with musically savvy parents, Alex Stadnitzky-Kolendo was constantly surrounded by music – everything from rock and ska to hip-hop and punk.

He began playing piano at an early age and since then has picked up a variety of instruments and musical styles that influence his music today.

Being a child of the 1990’s, electronic influenced music has always been part of his musical palette

However it was not until attending his first rave at the age of 15 that he discovered and fell in love with electronic dance music. After some time dabbling as a bedroom DJ and discovering uk garage music, Alex decided that it was time to begin composing his own 2-step tunes.

Mostly he produces future garage songs with liquid influences. With the genre being relatively new, there is still room for experimentation and growth, so there is often an enigmatic feel. Alex likes to describe his music as ‘soundscapes’; there is a lot of depth and emotion being translated into his music that, in a way, paints pictures and tells stories.

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