Ram Skank – Ram Skank’s House

RamSkank – RamSkank’s House [MSR0008] by mu:sick recordings

[download .zip]

Now RamSkank finds himself arriving at Mu:Sick Recordings with a new twist on the music, he has been spending a lot of time working on some good ol’ fashioned old skool 4 to the floor vibes!! Altogether this House album titled “RamSkank’s House” has 10 tracks ranging from funky groovers, to 4/4 ravey sliders, happy feel good bouncers and right back down to straight up full on stompers!


  1. Get Down ‘n’ Dance
  2. Let Yourself Go
  3. The Way You Get Over
  4. Freestyle Superstyle
  5. Funky Fours
  6. Years Of Pressure
  7. Before I Found Love
  8. Feel The Beat
  9. Everythings Alright
  10. Song For Janice

All tracks written & produced by Ram Skank
Artwork and design by Steffen Bodicker
Mastering by LFM Studios

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Ram Skank – Ram Skank’s House

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