Ein Grammophon spielt… die Erde

Posted by Bodicker 11. November 2009

Harvest by Alunda Kyrkokör (2009) from Olle Corneer on Vimeo.

Wieder mal Strangeness in Reinkultur. Diese Kunstperformance bringt euch den Groove des Ackers… oder so…

Harvest (2009) is a new art piece for the new instrument terrafon, traditional ensemble and cropland – by Olle Cornéer and Martin Lübcke.

In this performance Alunda Church Choir, conducted by Cantor Jan Hällgren, plays the soil of northern Uppland (in Sweden) on terrafon. Harvest by Alunda Kyrkokör was exhibited at the Volt Festival in Uppsala the 6th of June 2009. Terrafon is a large agricultural version of the horn gramophone, amplifying the sounds in the track it ploughs.

There is more to come. There are still many croplands still untouched by terrafon. The only thing needed is a powerful local musical ensemble that can sweat it out. This is indeed a demanding piece.

*[bacterial orchestra website]

[via create digital music]

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